ESCULTURA means SCULPTURE in Catalan (S of France, NE of Spain and Andorra), Spanish and Portuguese is proud to announce this green contemporary artist:
 © Jaume - Installation
 © Jaume - Oil on canvas 146 cm x 114 cm
 © Jaume - Oil on canvas - 110 cm x 110 cm
 © Jaume - Oil on canvas (Big size)
 © Jaume - "Barretina" - Oil on canvas (Big size)
 © Jaume - Oil on canvas - 150 cm x 150 cm
 © Jaume - Oil on canvas (Medium size)
 ©  Jaume - Oil on canvas (Medium size)
Images from this series of chairs is from Jaume's student period in the Barcelona University. Now Jaume ended with Contemporary Flowers, due to his compromise with Life and Beauty.
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© 2019
This are original oils by Jaume. Any copiying or reproduction without the express authorization of Jaume is strictly prohibited.
Protected by US Copyright Law and International Conventions.

 © Jaume - Oil on canvas - Orange Bowl - Miami - 76"x 70" (194 cm x 127 cm)